With Swinging Instruments Arm:

•    It’s a new generation unit, a combination of the high Swiss technology with Italian design.
•    Ergonomic handling
•    Smooth operation
•    High quality at very competitive price.

The Hydro Unit:

•    Removable and autocleavable ceramic cuspidor bowl
•    Automatic timer of cup filler and bowl flush .
•    Filters for aspiration and cuspidor bowl discharge are inspected from the outside part.

The Electromechanical Patient Chair with motor lifting to low tension

•    The headrest is provided with a double articulation
•    3 different chair programs positions, plus additional rising position and return to the last work position .All positions are stored and controlled from the dentist side and part from the assistant’s side
•    The chair is equipped with 2 safety switches
•    No cables or supply hoses on floor

Patient chair mount spittoon unit, equipped with dentist’s instrument table on double articulated and pantographic arm. The instrument table comprises: electronic command under sealed membrane for the activation and programming of the dynamic functions. Swivel tray support with one standard tray. The Protection in silicone of the instruments support, the removable and autoclavable handle of operation. Individual regulation for each dynamic instrument of the power and the spray. Instrument table with Swinging hoses up to 5 instruments. Complete in basic configuration with: predisposition for 2 air instruments, 1 turbine tubing/ 4 holes, 1 air motor tubing/4 holes,and 1-3 way multifunction syringe. Hydro-unit with removable and autoclavable ceramic bowl, rotatable of 180°, automatic timer of cup filler and bowl flush and, automatic in program of rising position. Assistant Instrument table mounted on double articulated arm ,equipped with 2 supports for surgical and saliva ejector and, one support for extra instrument. Also includes bottle for distilled water.

Patient chair with programmable movements up and down of the Chair and back-rest. Two working program positions, plus one program zero and rising/last position. When the rising position is activated, the lamp is switched off , the cup filler and bowl flush are also activated automatically. When the last position is activated the chair returns to the previous position, to the attainment of this position the lamp is switch on automatically. Head rest with a double articulation, multifunctional foot control for the activation the dynamic instruments and chip blower. The connections Unit/Chair, slide to inside of the pantograph and all finding connections are found to the inside of carter of the patient chair where it is also situated the general electro valve of the water closing and all regulators of pressure. Chair includes: 1 x M15030 Left: armrest