We are honoured to introduce to you our new product – dental unit designed especially for children (up to 150cm).

The unit is manufactured in China by Yoboshi, which is known in the world for this type of products. The company sells its units in many countries in Europe and America, now becoming an authority on the production of dental units for children.

Yoboshi units always get much attention at exhibitions in Europe and attract eyes of all visitors.

We are the exclusive representative of Yoboshi in Poland. For the first time we presented the unit during CEDE exhibition 2010 on 23-25.09.2010r., where we met with a positive reaction of dentists and the media. Surprising was the response of children accompanying their parents. We could hear such phrases as: “Mommy buy me this!” “Oh, children’s playground”, “I want to go to Dino!”

Today we present this unit at a very attractive price, and should at this point mention for comparsion that this unit was recently exhibited in Paris at a price 16 000 Euro for the customer.  Our price is 5750 Euro with accessories.

The equipment includes:

– Control panel with five hoses including: NSK high-speed handpiece with push, micromotor with NSK low-speed handpiece with push, LED curing lamp. air polisher. Control panel of unit and chair, heated water for cup and a big panoramic X-ray viewer.

– Cuspidor desk with saliva ejector and sucction pimp, control panel of unit and chair

– Operating lamp 18 000-22 000 lux

– Dental stool

– Oil-free compressor FINI

Attention: discount valid till the end of 2010