An example of price offert:

With swinging instruments’ arm:
– NSK high speed handpiece with push
– NSK pneumatic micromotor with NSK low speed handpiece with push
– piezoelectric NSK scaler with three scaling tips
– syringe
– FARO LED curing lamp
– control panel
– pneumatic brakes
– separate coolness regulation for each handpiece

Unit box:
– porcelain, removable cuspidor
– closed circulation of distilled water
– Venturi saliva ejector

Shadowless operating lamp 22.000 lux with intensity regulation

Oil free compressor DK 50-10.

Chirana or Atu chair, manual and foot control, various positions memory.

Dentist’s stool

Extra charge for hoses over the tray: 1000 PLN


Unit box
– Saliva ejector with automatic activation
– Automatic cup filling and cuspidor flush
– 160° cuspidor rotation
– Cuspidor movable toward the patient
– Outflow from the cuspidor to sewerage system
– Pressure reductor with manometer
– It’s possibile to install ssuction pump and amalgam separator

Shadowless halogen operation lamp with two level intensity regulation (18000-22000 lux) or optional Polaris LED shadowless operation lamp (G.Comm – Italy) on pantografic arm – intensity regulation (8.000 – 35.000 lux)

Control panel on pantografic arm:
– 5 hoses from under the tray
– Siiocon hoses
– Control panel controlling unit and chair
– Chip-blower in every hose
– Separate water regulation for each handpiece
– Tri-functional foot control
– Tri-functional syringe
– Pneumatic brakes in control panel’s arm