What is work ergonomics?

Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and creating a workplace which is as comfortable as possible, taking into account the abilities and limitations of the human body. Implementing ergonomics at work allows the staff to work more efficiently, improve the quality of the service provided, as well as to enhance comfort of life . The main principle of work ergonomics states that a particular action should be performed in a position which engages the smallest number of muscles and eliminates as many unergonomic movements as possible. For many professions, work ergonomics focuses mainly on choosing the most comfortable and healthiest seated position. Taking care of the correct body posture is essential, as it helps keep our mind fresh, gives us better feeling and health.

As far as stomatologists, aesthetic medicine doctors, cosmetologists and IT specialists are concerned, most medical conditions they suffer from are a result of overexertion. They are connected with performing activities in an unergonomic way – this applies especially to the wrists and shoulders, as well as the lumbar and cervical spine.

Working in an ergonomic way means also using the right equipment, which is precisely fitted to our needs and habits. The example of such equipment can be a dental unit with its particular elements such as a stool or assistor. It is crucial to adapt each of the elements to the current condition of the user.