Based on our orthopaedic and physiotherapy experience of working with patients suffering from different spine conditions, we have created a vision of a chair individually adjusted to each user.

We have channelled our professional passion into the crucial issue of the seated position ergonomics, to help many people in regaining their health balance, improving comfort and, in many cases, enable prevention of future problems.

The stools created by us and the mechanism of their functioning has been patented, due to which we can guarantee their efficacy and the quality of entirely Polish production.


The stools created by us base on the natural work of the spine and impose the appearance of its natural curvatures i.e. lumbar and cervical lordosis, as well as thoracic and sacral kyphosis. It is possible to achieve thanks to the anteversion of the pelvis of approximately 12 degrees, when the front edge of the seat slightly heads downwards, the angle between the trunk and thigh stands at about 120 degrees, whereas the angle of the hip joint abduction is of approximately 30 degrees. Such situation guarantees the healthiest state of the lumbar lordosis. Then, side bends and leaning out on our seat is performed with movement amortisation. It is paramount when we take into account that no instability is felt, instead of which relief of strain in the pelvis, back and abdominal muscles appears. Muscle tone is correct, which significantly improves body mobility.

What guarantees mobility and anteversion of the pelvis?

The system of a few springs is adjusted according to the client’s anatomic parameters and medical history, in order to provide proper mobility and shock absorption.

Production of each chair requires individual approach to the client, which makes its functioning exceptionally efficient.

One of the crucial elements of the chair is the material it is made of. Eco-leather, which feels more congenial than traditional imitation leather, is imported from a Swiss unit producer of worldwide renown – the Swident company. Easy to clean, disinfect and care for, it is not slippery, which prevents the user from „falling” feeling.

Apart from this, there is Mikroporon, anti-bedsore memory foam. It guarantees incredible comfort and strain relief for the places prone to irritation during remaning in a seated postition, such as the area of the sciatic nerves, ischial tuberosities, or sacrum .

The foam, in conjunction with the spring system, allows for easy and healthy mobility of musculoskeletal elements engaged in sitting.

Regulated back

The main task of the back is absorption of the compressive force, affecting the spine and pelvis in seated position.

Regulated armrests

Comfortable, they enable the shoulder girdle and upper extremities to rest.


An addiitional element improving blood flow in the lumbar spine area.